Why should an entrepreneur go to the USA 🇺🇸

📌 If you are an entrepreneur, enter the U.S. market

Only in the USA the system is easy to win, and it is set up specifically for entrepreneurs to win.

In other countries, either hellish taxes and few opportunities, or strange taxes and sheer fraud. In the USA, you don’t need to cheat because it’s so easy to have a win by just working hard.

Yes, taxes in the USA are higher than for example in Poland. But they are far from hellish and quite understandable. And the point is not to not pay them at all, but to earn enough to not think about them in principle.

📌 Realization of potential

The USA is an ideal place for ambitious people who are ready to build a career and improve their business many times over. This is a country of private initiative, where everyone has the right to integrate into society.

People change professions two or three times in their lives. And you can meet ninety-year-old Louise Spencer driving a truck, for example.

📌 Political climate

The USA is a democratic country with a turnover of power, transparent elections and an institution of public control.

Politically, the United States is going through hard times today.

But democratic processes will sooner or later ensure a change of power, and independent courts and a system of checks and balances won’t allow even the most odious president to destroy in one term what was created decades before him.

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