Project Description

Updoc is a cross-platform desktop software application. The app is for document production; targeted at engineers, solicitors and other professionals, who have to produce multiple written reports/documents, plans, processes, and contracts.

    • Team size:2
    • Client Country:Australia
    • Development Length:4 months
    • Business Goal:The goal of development was creating an application with the most important basic functionality so that the client and its staff could use it for the purpose of fast and high-quality creation of working documentation.
    • Business Result:As the result of several months work, the cross-platform Updoc app has to create and tested so that the client can use it, test its features with UX and can make it more popular on the market.
    • Document editor
    • Simultaneous document views
    • Live PDF generation
    • Document sections management
    • Automatic numbering of the text
    • Markdown view
    • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux
    • Front-end:React.js, Electron.js, HTML, CSS
    • QA:Manual testing
    • DevOps:Digital Ocean server auto-compiling
    • Project Management:JIRA, Bitbucket

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