Project Description

The application helps to find, store, discuss and manage the content that you find anywhere in the Internet. It is possbile to save all types of content in Stample: text, video, images. It is possbile to re-organize the content with other pieces of content and create the new unique artclies based on your findings. Stample is the nice application for storing and working with your knowledge.

Live Review
    • Team size:2
    • Client Country:USA
    • Development Length:3 months
    • Business Goal:We consume and create a lot of important knowledge every day. The business goal of the application was to create the knowledge management system for effective work with the information we continuously get so that people can create additional value based on this knowledge.
    • Business Result:Continues operational revenue is generated in the result of the work of knowledge App.
    • Gathering content
    • Knowledge organizing
    • Permissions management
    • Automatic & manual tagging
    • Set up reminders
    • Google and Twitter integration
    • Add comments and mentions
    • One-on-one or in a team chat
    • Timeline
    • Weekly reports
    • Publishing own libraries
    • Following system
    • Front-end:JS, React.js, React Native + SWIFT (for iOS) and JAVA (for Android), CSS, HTML, bootstrap, canvas
    • Back-end:Node.js, Scala, REST API
    • DB:MongoDB
    • API, Google API, Twitter API, Stripe API
    • Key Libraries:Key Libraries
    • QA:Java quality automation, Selenium IDE, manual testing
    • DevOps:DigitalOcean droplets, SSL, Doker, CI
    • Project Management:JIRA, GitHub, Slack

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