Project Description

The application was developed for the creation and managing of Prospecting users' lists of potential clients, emails of whom were received with the help of LinkedIn search and email hunting third-party app.

    • Team size:2
    • Client Country:UK
    • Development Length:4 months
    • Business Goal:Business Idea was to develop an MVP, which can offer and sell subscriptions for the people so that they can create lists of potential clients while comfortable searching in LinkedIn. This is quicker and easier than just find each person's email manually. So Prospecting is an app that provides outbound marketing workflow automation.
    • Business Result:Application is created and launched. The platform can continue further business and marketing development.
    • Leads Generator
    • ( integration
    • REST API using
    • ChargeBee integration (subscription management software)
    • Chrome extension with LinkedIn integration
    • Subscription based SaaS App
    • Front-end:HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap
    • Back-end:Java
    • DB:MySQL
    • API integrations:LinkedIn, emailhunter
    • QA:Manual testing
    • Project Management:JIRA, Bitbucket

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