Project Description

The system is created to capture, store and manage the company’s business data and processes effectively.

    • Team size:4
    • Client Country:USA
    • Development Length:8 months
    • Business Goal:To become more efficient, save cost, satisfy staff, understand organizational dynamics, to improve customer retention, to create marketing campaign, to make business more efficient.
    • Business Result:Beta version of the app with fully workable operational work-flow is created so that the client can check how the idea creates in practice.
    • Allocation of access by roles
    • Integration with various third-party services
    • management of customers' business
    • Front-end:Angular.js.
    • Back-end:Node.js (NEST Framework)
    • DB:MySQL
    • API integrations:backblaze, sendgrip, mailgun,
    • Key Libraries:passport, swagger, typeorm, bull, rxjs,, ngx-datatable, lodash
    • QA:manual testing
    • Project Management:JIRA, Trello, Bitbucket

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