How to build effective internal communication in an IT company

Corporate culture can be a strategic advantage for your company in such uncertain times. Therefore, it is important to focus not only on what you communicate, but also on how you convey it.
My partner and I shaped the Fluvius internal communication strategy using the following 5 patterns:

📌Strategize and plan communications
How will you achieve your goal?
Where are you right now and what needs improvement?
How soon would you like to reach your goals?
First of all, use the answers to these questions to create an internal communication strategy. A well-articulated strategy should keep you informed and more effective at achieving success in internal communications.

📌Use the right communication tools
“I deeply believe that any tool that improves communication has a profound impact on how people can learn from each other.”

  • Bill Gates

We at Fluvius use the following set of tools:


〰️Google services (hangouts, calendar, meetings)

〰️Glass Frog

📌Be visual
According to statistics, the visual form of presenting information is more convenient for perception and makes a longer impression than text.

📌Make communication interesting
“Fun is at the core of the way I enjoy doing business, and it has been the key to everything I’ve done since the beginning.”
 — Richard Branson

📌Provide channels for feedback and ideas