How russia’s war against Ukraine reshaped the entire European IT market

The headline is not only to attract attention, as some of the global trends in IT echo what is happening in Ukraine👇

▪️Sales style has changed: customer meetings are back

Faceless sales no longer work, and neither does customer spam. The sales manager must be well immersed in the product and maintain personal contact with the client. If earlier even someone who had nothing to do with its development or even a bot could sell an IT product, now this tactic does not work.

▪️Salaries in IT will be equal in all countries

By 2025, the IT sector will face a global transformation: companies will hire employees all over the world. Consequently, the level of salaries in different countries will be equal. This trend is already creating certain challenges for Ukrainian IT, since specialists who have gone abroad are often forced to look for work in the host country with a salary that will correspond to the cost of living in this country.

▪️Due to the war, half of the IT market contracts in Ukraine migrated to Latin America

Russia’s war against Ukraine negatively affected not only the Ukrainian IT market, but also led to tectonic shifts throughout European IT. Customers from the USA and the UK, accounting for about 80% of orders in this area, began to perceive the European market as risky.

▪️The need for IT specialists is now at the level of 2012

The global need for IT specialists is now at the level of 2012 – 250 thousand, although over the past decade it has grown and doubled. In 2022, it returned to the level of 2012.

▪️Intermediary companies are losing weight. Value of companies with deep expertise is increasing

And by 2030, there will be a maximum of 10% of those on the market. Most will have deep expertise and a team of qualified developers. And ideally, also SaaS solutions, that is, a cloud-based subscription software model.

▪️The sales team is transforming

Marketing activities sold better than sales managers. However, now people are pretty tired of marketing, so the situation is turning 180 degrees. Now people sell better. Or products that sell themselves.

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