«First, he was home alone, now he’s lost in New York»
— famous quote from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Only our CEO, Georhiy Gres, unlike Kevin McCallister, purposefully will fly to New York on November 18 🇺🇸

Our plans for USA:

▪️ we are actively developing our business and are ready for new clients, projects and collaborations

▪️Georhiy is ready to speak at conferences and share experience in building an international company in a crisis

▪️our favourite clients and partners, will you have time for dinner?

▪️potential clients, you have the opportunity to get a free estimate of the project!

Shortly about Georhiy:

▪️TOP entrepreneur in the IT sector of Ukraine

▪️ founder & CEO of Fluvius IT company https://fluvius.co/

▪️ co-Owner and Business Analyst Fluvius SAT https://sat.fluvius.co/

▪️graduate of Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences



▪️managing an IT company in a crisis

▪️Financial Services: Trading Platforms, Neo banking (banking online), Accounting Software, Brokerage Management Software, Payment solutions, Insurance software

▪️ Energy: EMS (Energy Management Systems), Utilities Mobile&Web Apps, Decarbonization Apps, ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions), Energy Procurement Software

▪️Mechanical or Industrial Engineering: Mechanical Modeling, Industrial Engineering Simulators, Machine Design Cloud Software, Cloud ERP solutions, Company Specific Software Tools

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