Client Stample
Industry Marketing & Advertising, Mobile App

The application helps to find, store, discuss and manage the content that you find anywhere in the Internet.


Create the knowledge management system for effective work with the information. Our solution includes Android, IOS and web application, Chrome add-on extensions.


It is possible to save all types of content in Stample: text, video, images. It is possible to re-organize the content with other pieces of content and create the new unique articles based on your findings. Stample is the nice application for storing and working with your knowledge. It helps to cover a wide range audience that is very important for a fast growing marketing strategy.


Сontent gathering

Knowledge organizing

Permissions management

Automatic & manual tagging

Reminders set up

One-on-one / in a team chat

Publishing own libraries

Google and Twitter integration

Technological stack

Frontend JS, React.js, React Native + Swift (for iOS) and Java (for Android), CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Canvas,
Backend Node.js, Scala, REST API
DB MongoDB
API integrations Google API, Twitter, Stripe API
QA Java quality automation, Selenium IDE, Manual testing
DevOps DigitalOcean droplets, SSL, Docker, CI
Project management JIRA, GitHub, Slack

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