Industry AI, Machine Learning, Web

The Website Assistant (WA) is a dedicated Conversational AI that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and speak in coherent and human-like sentences. This allows it to sort through someone’s sentence to find meaningful terms and phrases that it will use to prepare its response. The WA’s purpose is to help all customers which request assistance while visiting (browsing through the website. The WA will manage new customers and members accordingly. Meaning that it will use previous information on members to better serve and assist them, while gathering the proper information from the new customers. To achieve this, the WA has been trained to orient the customers through the website, answer all of the customers questions concerning the website, it’s services and the products as of how to use them, their features, their guarantees, cost, financing, shipping, return policies, payments etc. To begin, a character is created, a woman/girl, man/boy or any other fictional character. Then a digital voice is selected (or created) and attributed to the character. The character will either be voice only, text only or have a 2D/3D appearance. In the case that it is visible, it will have a set of dedicated corporeal and facial animations in sync with the moods. Once the character is created, it is then trained with the set of skills and knowhow it will need to play it’s role of WA according to the website that it is designated for.


A digital employee can serve real customers of the business (a bank, or online store, a hospital, etc.) as a real human and even better by speaking and looking as a human, by operating the information faster.


The use of digital employees helps business to give up customer support staff and decrease costs.

Technological stack

Backend Python, Django, Django Rest Framework
Frontend React.js, JS
DB PostgreSQL, MongoDB
CMS Wordpress
API integrations Shopify
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