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The company develops and commercialises software, based on Open Source technology and affordable to large and SME companies alike. The App market integrating EDR, SIEM, IPS and IDS functions into a single comprehensive solution that protects all your organisation's critical data. Our product has been adopted by many mid market to large companies in diverse sectors such as Fintech, Banking, Media, Insurance and Technology. The App does the grunt work of security analysis – monitoring, analysing, profiling and mitigating cybersecurity incidents.


Protect critical data at the core of every organisation.


The use of The App helps companies to protect all your organisation's critical data.


Monitoring, analysing, profiling and mitigating cybersecurity incidents.

Integrates EDR, SIEM, IPS and IDS functions into a single comprehensive solution.

Malware protection checks internal processes and activity at Kernel or Registery level for suspicious and anomalous behaviour.

The ability to detect and remediate cybersecurity threats enables end users to automate or manually select the recommendations provided by the cyberdefense platform.

Cybersecurity management can be performed anywhere on a smart device and not only on a desktop device.

The simplicity of installation is a reflection on the complexity of the product to operate and manage. ACSIA is typically installed in 20 minutes.

Access from anonymous networks into an environment is an obvious threat that should be prevented. A predictive cyber security product must be able to block traffic originating from anonymous networks such as TOR.

The product is compatible with physical and/or virtual environments which must be protected.

A Security Information and Event Management System gathers events from all sources across the network, provides timeline and historical data and is used for event correllation purposes in advanced solutions like ACSIA.

An Intrusion Detection System is a device or software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations.

Technological stack

Backend Java, Spring Frameworks, Go
Frontend React.js
DB MariaDB, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
Libraries used RabbitMq
DevOps ossec, osquery
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