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App combines a public, open, decentralized ledger with governance concepts that have been tried and tested in established legal systems. It lays down all rules agreed by the users of the App. Root Nodes serve as guardians of these rules. Stakeholders can enforce their rights via a dispute resolution mechanism based on established international private arbitration rules.


The app combines the benefits of a public, open and decentralized ledger with the transparency of enforceable private contracts. Main point to reduce the third parties that are involved in all financial transactions. App tokens, you can delegate them to another validator node that you trust. App delegation increases a validator's accountable stake and moves him up the validator long list. Validators receive a reward for block generation. This reward is split and distributed to any potential stake delegator according to a ratio predefined by the validator node operator. This way, an App token holder can participate in earning block rewards without actively operating a validator node. You can earn a reward on your App tokens that are locked within your vault depending on system-widely set parameter App token holder reward rate. Active Validators and Root Nodes receive staking rewards in the form of the native token of that chain. Deposit a supported synthetic asset (e.g. QUSD) and earn interest rewards.


1.The economic model shall be sustainable in the long-term. 2. The underlying economic incentives shall support App’s security and robustness. 3. App’s economics shall support a healthy balance of power between the different stakeholder groups which are engaged in App’s governance. These goals are achieved through app’s tokeneconomic design.


Combines the benefits of public, decentralized ledgers with governance frameworks that have been tried and tested in established legal systems.

Economics enable instant scalability and long-term sustainability, independent of speculation and inflation subsidies.

Runs on state-of-the-art base layer technology that integrates seamlessly into the evolving crypto ecosystem.

Technological stack

Frontend TypeScript, Styled Components, React-Redux, Redux-Saga, React.js
DevOps Docker
Libraries used CRA with Vite, Web3, i18next, Sentry, web3-react/core, SDK, Web 3 contracts
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