Advantages of Outstaff Development for SaaS Owners ?

For companies that take in several requests for Software development projects like apps, websites and mobile phones, Framework, PHP, C++, they may soon discover that they have fewer IT people to cater to these needs. 

However, there is the problem of hiring new employees, which may not only come at great cost but also bring a slight disadvantage to the company if the employees find it hard to grasp the work mode and nature of the company. Most companies find it hard to entertain this probability.

It is for this reason that Outstaffing becomes the best mode of hiring for software as a service owner, and there is no other Software service provider agency that does it best like us. That may sound like what you’ve heard before, but not only do we have results to show for it, we have our reasons for making that bold statement. 

Outstaffing itself is a model of Outsourcing. While Outsourcing involves a company giving an outsourcing company a specific project to manage, our Outstaffing service comes with a number of major advantages which is that you have adequate active and direct participation in the project at whatsoever level and capacity you want.

Also, our Outstaffing services involve hiring and maintaining our experienced developers. Before it seems like we are tiring to “sweet-tongue” our proficiency, below is the list of the advantages of the outstaffing services we offer, that not only endears clients and companies alike towards us but makes them receive the exact software developing services they want.

  • Training of professionals

When you outstaff to us, you are definitely getting the best of us. We keep a pool of candidates that have successfully passed three stages of the interview. We have successfully fine-tuned our recruiting and onboarding procedures. In summary, we have professionals

But that is not the only beneficial part of the story. During the period when our professionals will be working with you, they can help groom the IT members of your Software Company. The logic behind this is that our  Outstaffing allows for non-remote employment of our software professionals, which will be managed by your company as you deem fit, and they will have to work in co-operation with other members of your staff. Your staff will have the chance of learning a lot from them. Therefore, hiring our software providers entertains the process of grooming your staff members.

  • It is Cheaper

Isn’t it ironic that something is better and cheaper? We have a monthly billing approach, but our billing is not limited to this only. We also charge per project. The convenient thing is that our billing is not arbitrary. We have a process and several plans you can choose from based on your software project. 

  • Management

This is one of the greatest advantages of our outstaffing service. In some companies, you don’t have the luxury of participating in the project. However, our Outstafffing service allows you to manage your Out staff as you please. 

You can choose to manage them or have them managed by your in-house team or, better, by your Human Resource team so as to avoid putting stress on yourself. This management allows for great coordination in the course of embarking on some software projects as it keeps you aware of the level of progress you’ve made and what exactly needs to be worked on.

In fact, our experience has shown that the project delivery can be accelerated by 40-50% if a team is working under the charge of a tech lead. Besides, if you are worried about not having a separate management team for our developers, we can easily solve this problem. Our typical dedicated team consists of a project manager, a Tech Lead, a Manual QA, and then our developers.

  • Control

While management allows you to oversee our members, there is the aspect of control. Do you know how amazing it is to have absolute control over your software projects?  Because you have a number of professionals from us, it will be easy for you to have us work with your team and control the outlook of your project.

  • Flexibility

Hiring new employees comes with some amount of risk, as Software Companies want to be sure they are hiring the right people. It is not a profession like teaching or writing where you can gradually learn on the job. It’s either you know it, or you don’t. 

Hence, our software service provides the right people for the job. You can decide to decrease the number of employees who you find not productive enough to work on your projects since you are already outstaffing. 

Outstaffing helps you get extremely flexible with hiring. You don’t have to worry about hiring long-term employees for your IT firm. You only hire for the period of time that you are embarking on a software project. This flexibility works in a way that does not affect the productivity, efficiency, and results your company eventually gets.

  • Transparency

There is nothing good as having a clear communication channel established in the course of executing a software project. Communication eliminates problems that arise in the course of executing projects, and Fluvius offers unique direct communication between developers and clients.

  • Trust

We have to say that this is one of the major reasons our clients refer us to other clients, and we have been able to create a chain-like formation in the community of software-providing agencies. After signing an outsourcing contract with us, the contract permits you to put us on a 30-day trial mode to make sure we deliver. 

We like to say that trust goes both ways, and this trial mode is what we use to show that you have our trust in your software projects. Most CEOs and software developing firms are sometimes hesitant to hire out projects to outstaffing software providers. Therefore, this trial mode is our trust bond with you.

From the above, it is obvious when we say that our software providing service offers you a chance of our professionals grooming your IT team, coordinating your team, managing and controlling the outlook of your project. All of these are underlined by trust, which, as we have said, is unique in comparison to other Outstaffing firms. 

So, what are you waiting for? Interested in hiring us? Get in touch with us, we reply within one business day ?