Project Description

Web application is created for real estate management. There are different kinds of users: property owners, property managers and tenants. The app tracks the financial history, responsible for the intime payments for the proprty rent and facilities.
The app is created for property managers so that they can analyze the profitability, property price, tenant demand and the new proprties that become available for renting or leasing.

From the tenants point of view, they can research the market using UnitBeat and request the new property to lease or rent it. Later they also can perform payments for it and track statistics.

Live Review
    • Team size:2
    • Client Country:United Arab Emirates
    • Development Length:2 months
    • Business Goal:To automate the daily and monthly business processes of real estate management company; to decrease the costs of this activity with the help of such business automation.
    • Business Result:Decreased operational costs of the business; Planning to attract other companies to the product in order to create money inflows from this SaaS app.
    • Property analytics
    • Tenant analytics
    • Financial analytics
    • Searching the rental and leasing market
    • Messaging between different kinds of users in the app
    • Adding/editing/deleting the property
    • Google Maps integration
    • Payment integration
    • Lease management
    • Front-end:React.js, HTML, CSS, bootstrap; Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, etc.
    • Back-end:C# (not our work)
    • API integrations:Swager
    • QA:Manual testing
    • Project Management:JIRA, Trello, Bitbucket

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