Project Description

The goals of the client was to develop Mobile Apps for the business like restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons, where you can pay (and assign a meeting) in advance.

So the payment integration with ChargeBee was developed, Clover API connection, Admin panels, different user types.

APIs for connecting of different businesses to Payyus service have been developed by us.

Live Review
    • Team size:2
    • Client Country:USA
    • Development Length:3 months
    • Business Goal:To make the payment process and booking easier both for businesses and their customers by using smartphones and Clover POS (based on Android) for financial transactions, charging percentage from transactions as well as charging for direct customer advertising
    • Business Result:Generation of profit from the operational activity of the app, which is financial transactions between businesses and clients; generation of profit from advertising activity.
    • Booking of time in advance
    • Native calendars integration
    • Direct payment transactions
    • Advertising system inside
    • APIs for other business owners
    • Customer management
    • Merchant admin panel
    • Merchant and Customer SMS notifications
    • Clover POS integration
    • Possibility of giving tips
    • Front-end:JavaScript core, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Java, Objective C, Cordova.js
    • Back-end:PHP, Node.js, Java (different language for higher security), REST API
    • DB:MySQL
    • API integrations:ChargeBee API, Clover API
    • QA:Manual testing
    • Project Management:JIRA, Bitbucket

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