Project Description

Neuroseed is a decentralized marketplace based on blockchain and cryptography technology. NeuroSeed is a platform that combines Big Data suppliers, ML algorithms developers, computing power suppliers, data storage suppliers, validators with domain expertise, distributors and customers. As a result of a synergy, there is a creation of the unified ecosystem that provides incentive mechanisms for all participants in the machine learning market.

Live Review
    • Team size:2
    • Client Country:USA
    • Development Length:6 months
    • Business Goal:The goal was to create product MVP using which the application usefulness can be tested.
    • Business Result:MVP application is created and launched. The platform can continue further business and marketing improvement.
    • Clasters of final ML models
    • Guarantee of data reliability and ML models
    • Unified ecosystem of ML models
    • Datasets composing
    • Low cost ML-based pocswith short time to market
    • Micropayments channels
    • Front-end:javascript, HTML, CSS, canvas, docker
    • Back-end:Node.js
    • DB:MongoDB
    • QA:Manual testing
    • DevOps:AWS, Docker
    • Project Management:JIRA, Bitbucket, Slack

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