Project Description

This is a software for maintenance and control of a drilling machine. The client-server architecture was also developed, where the client is a graphical application Qt 5.15 and QML, and the server part is a C++ application for desktop platforms with a command-line interface.

    • Team size:5
    • Client Country:UK
    • Development Length:18 months
    • Business Goal:To upgrade the software, to reduce manual work and to enhance UI-UX.
    • Business Result:The software for maintenance and control of the drilling machine was upgraded in time. Only 10% of the manual activities left for an operator. The software allowed us to reach 240% of team efficiency improvement compared to previous work.
    • Front-end:C++, Jenkins, QT (QML)
    • Back-end:Java
    • QA:Manual testing
    • Project Management:Jira, Bitbucket

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