Project Description

GuideZang service is a travel-destinaions marketing app developed to manage, create and edit small mobile websites filled with information on different travelling places. is a kind of website builder for mobile screens. The web design is completely free form. Still web page or website design is already very fixed and very restrictedly editable. The core part of this app is web-based WYSIWYG-styled page editor.

Live Review
    • Team size:3
    • Client Country:South Korea
    • Development Length:3 months
    • Business Goal:The business idea was to develop the instrument that should be used by Travel Agencies for describing the traveling destinations to their potential clients. Key advantages of GuideZang app are fast creation of readable and nicely structured content; own design; UX architecture created specifically for traveling agencies work.
    • Business Result:The app is developed and successfully launched, specifically, agencies can use it in order to create own trip-advisors for their clients. The very traveling way of using: just use a link and read the information!
    • Creation of mobile websites using special Guidezang interface
    • Unique links for each separate website
    • Custom website background set-up
    • User statstics
    • Items management
    • Site page preview mode
    • Page templates management
    • Subscription management
    • Front-end:React.js, Redux, HTML, CSS
    • Back-end:Node.js
    • DB:MongoDB
    • API integrations:PayPal API
    • QA:Java quality automation, Selenium IDE,, manual testing in Zephyr
    • DevOps:Continuous Integration (CI), Digital Ocean droplet, domain management, SSL
    • Project Management:JIRA, Bitbucket

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